Blood Type 0 Diet Tips

It’s not a secret that blood type diet is considered to be an effective method of curing after diseases or surgeries, a good scheme to lose weight or just a way to keep in shape. If you are sick and tired with useless attempts to lose weight with the help of the traditional non-lipid weight loss diet or you’re want to improve your health without being involved into exhausting short-term diets, so, the d’Adamo’s blood type diet is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re lucky to have¬†blood type 0 (the most ancient one and the most popular – about 34% of the Globe population got this type of blood as the heritage from their ancestors) the strongest sides of your organism are good immune system and good metabolism processes. However, in return you got low adaptability to the new nutrition schemes and tendency to the allergies due to active immune processes, also, ulcer and inflammations. That’s why if you got troubles with stomach, digestive system, you’re recommended to stick to the blood type 0 diet.

In accordance with the blood type 0 diet you should include meat (except pork), sea products, fruits and vegetables – figs, plums, prunes (except sour ones), Greek cheese, soy milk, olive oil, nuts, beans. As for the beverages, it’s better to drink green tea, herbal teas (mint, ginger, cayenne pepper, lime) and seltzer water. Cereals (especially, wheat), coffee, alcohol, aloe are highly NOT recommended regarding the blood type 0 diet.

For those people who try to lose weight the following recommendations will become useful. You’re advised to add into your daily ration kelp, sea products, iodated salt, liver, cabbage, broccoli and spinach which, first, contain iodine and, second, vitamin B (very good for better digesting).

The very first step towards this diet is to learn your blood type. Blood type test is a laboratory procedure which is held while you are hungry. You’re able to get back your results in 5 minutes. Look, it’s the quickest opportunity to find the right way on caring of your health.