Blood Type A Diet Advice

Eventually, along with numerous diet programs it’s the blood type diet that got to develop very quickly. Actually, it’s in vogue now. In spite of the fact that this diet is still questionable (i.e. there are some scientific issues which do not prove effectiveness of this diet, however, they do not prove its harm, as well), there are people who succeeded in losing extra weight or improving general health with the help of the blood type diet.

Hard to say that this diet is panacea against all diseases, nevertheless it’s not unhealthy either. It’s major idea is to bring the organism into optimal condition on sticking to the blood type food.

About 38% of the Earth population have blood type A. That’s second place in the top popular blood types. So, if you belong to this group, you definitely possess high adaptability to the environment. Along with that, the most vegetarian come from this group. The matter is that on eating only macrobiotic food they stimulate their digestive and immune systems better. Unfortunately, the representatives of this group suffer more often from heart and oncologic diseases, diabetes I.

The blood type A diet is dramatically different from other types. You’re recommended to exclude meat from your ration. However, if that’s a real trouble it’s better to replace meat with fish (except flounder, halibut, herring, caviar, and seafood) and soy meat. Blood type A diet does not recommend taking dairy products too often. It’s better to turn your attention to the cereals, vegetables, peas, fruits (especially bananas; orange and peanuts are not advised), coffee, green tea, red wine, fresh juices, water with lemon juice. If your aim is to lose weight, it’s better to restrict taking chocolate and sugar. And do not forget about physical exercises!

Some people ask whether the blood type A diet suits their blood type negative. In accordance with the d’Adamo’s theory, the rhesus does not influence on your preferences dramatically. The main factor is your blood type.