Blood Type AB Diet Guide

It was the American medical practitioner who discovered connection between the blood type and digestive/immune processes. In accordance to the blood type diet, nutritional needs of people are connected with the evolution, namely, development of the blood types.

However, it was long ago, now we are more interested in discovering whether blood type AB diet suits you or not. In order to design proper blood type diet schedule you should know your blood type (0, V, B or AB) by opting for the blood type test.

Actually, if you used to eat meat and you suddenly learn that your blood type is A, not 0, that’s not a problem. Difference between two blood type diets is really¬†light, while some preferences can shift from one group of products to another one. Moderate taking of different products are really recommended. Visa versa, excess long-term eating of meal rich for some elements (for example, only proteins or only lipids) could result into complications depending on your current condition.

AB positive blood type has some special recommendation if you used to keep the blood type AB diet. You’re advised to consume less dairy products along with tendency towards vegetarian practices. That’s the only exception among the AB type people who are actually mixed eaters, in accordance with the d’Adamo’s theory.

Blood type AB diet lists some useful products: meat (lamb, rabbit, turkey, fish), dairy products (low-fat cheese, tofu), beans, olive oil, peanuts, walnuts, cereals (except buckwheat and corn), vegetables (except pepper, black olives), fruits, coffee, green tea, camomile tea. In order to double positive effect of the blood type AB diet you may take vitamin C.