Blood Type Diet Food Clue

How many diets have you tried? Which ones did turn to be effective? If you’re still in the search for the perfect diet, you’re welcome to educate yourself about the blood type diet food. The basic principle of the blood type diet is to set up connection between immune and digestive systems. This connection is determined by the blood type. In such a way, success of this diet will depend on the correct blood type diet food. If you eat right blood type food you have an opportunity to lose weight or to supply organism with mostly requirable minerals and vitamins. Blood type personality is the initial issue which determines blood type diet food.

If your blood type is 0, it’s better to pay attention to meatless food, fish, olive oil, nuts, parsley, onion, pumpkins, plums, mayonnaise and soy sauce. If you want to gain weight, it’s better to consume cereals, beans. Sea food, iodine salt, liver, cabbage will help you to lose weight.

A blood type diet food includes only vegetables without any meat and dairy products. The matter is that milk and other relative products cause slower digestive processes because of the insulin reactions. People with this blood type are to eat more soy meal, vegetables, pineapples. However, they must refuse from most fruits and berries like oranges, bananas, melons, coconuts, mangoes, tangerines, papaya.

B blood type individuals, visa versa, will only feel better if they eat the listed fruits and berries. Besides that, they are to remember how useful the tomatoes juice is. The nutrition specialists often observe deterioration if the B type patients consume lamp, mutton or rabbit meat instead of beef or turkey.

AB blood type representatives are the most troublesome, actually. The matter is that they equally may consume products meant for both A and B blood type people. However, the weak features of theirs exist, too. That is why if you plan weight loss diet food consuming, it’s better to consult with the nutrition specialist.