Blood Type Kit At Home

Those people who are about to start their blood type diet, but who do not wish to endure great pain or going somewhere, they can benefit from using the blood type kit. Besides that, you’re ┬ánot recommended to start your blood type diet without being consulted by the nutrition and diet specialists. It may happen that exactly this diet does not suit you because of some pre-existing conditions. Take care of your health!

Regarding the simplest blood type kit, in spite of its simplicity and even primitive structure it’s an effective self-testing blood type test to find out your blood type and rhesus factor, as well. It’s a totally safe and painless procedure which can be provided at home. The result comes quickly – in 5-6 minutes, 100% guarantee is offered by the well-known world blood type kit manufacturers. Price ranges from 10$ to 25$. If you do not have a possibility to go out and purchase the kit from the nearest drug store, you’re welcome to the online shops. This product is sold without prescription.

What does the blood type kit include? The following is the usual blood type list: sterile sealed foil, lancet, swab, the set for application, color result sheet, sterile plaster and instructions. This kit is packed for a single usage. You’re able to write down your results (blood type 0, A, B or AB and blood type negative or positive) onto a special card and keep it somewhere in a safe place.

Blood type is discovered with the help of standard antibody method. After rubbing the middle finger with the sterile alcohol swab, you are to lance your finger with the sterile lancet. Then, remove the very first blood drop carefully with swab and place four blood drops into the small windows of the test. Then, wait a few minutes and compare the image with the instructions. An important tip runs that you have to avoid rubbing the finger too hard since interstitial fluid may distort results.