Genotype Diet Information

To start such serious issue like genotype diet, it’s essential to understand what the genotype is. This term was firstly used a hundred years ago by the Dutch biologist. Genotype means the complex of gene information which is transfered from one generation to another, also, the system which regulates development of the organism.

Since genotype diet and blood type diet are tightly connected, there’s sense to compare them. On discovering each genotype we’ll correlate it with certain blood type diet in order to make the process of choosing correct diet easier and quicker.

For sure, while the body is growing, it’s shapes are changing and sometimes it seems to be hard to determine what genotype you belong to. So, let’s remember how you looked like when you were 20 y.o. The genotype diet specialists assure that in this age our genotype is the purest one.

Your blood type is definitely 0 if your genotype is as following: you’re not tall, slim figure, long neck, fine palms and ankles, classic narrow face and good-looking skin (with early wrinkles).

Blood type A people are usually short, short-handed, hairy, they possess large hands, feet, massive figures.
If you are tall and slim, your fingers are long and thin, your hands are long and your face features are fine it looks that you belong to the third genotype (i.e. blood group B). In such a way, you should consume that blood type food which is recommended to the blood type B people.

The AB blood type people are the most mysterious. They can either combine the A and B characteristics or neither of them. So, these people, like individuals with blood type negative must be consulted by the professional dietarian firstly.